Consultant Testimonials

I’ve been very lucky to have been working as a consultant to Modis for about a year now. The Modis team is an enthusiastic bunch with a positive attitude towards their work which comes across in all the communications with them and I’ve felt very welcome since the very beginning. Working with Modis has always been seamless and efficient; whether I’ve had any questions or requests, the team has been very helpful and accommodating. It also feels very nice to have had a regular contact with my career manager and business development manager; this reminds me of the fact of being part of the Modis family – also when more in contact with the Cisco World. I’m looking forward to continuing this work relationship that has started so well – thanks to all involved in it!

Laura V.
Assistant to Head of Government Affairs for EMEA & Russia at Cisco

When I was searching for a new job, it was Modis who found me first. I instantly got offered an interview with a company that was 100% in line with my interest and passion. Before the interview took place, Modis took the opportunity to first learn more about myself. It was obvious that they had good people judgment for being spot on with the job interview. Their knowledge of the job market was invaluable to keep the focus on landing a job that one could only call a perfect match. After only 3 interviews (the one with Modis included), I landed my new position. From there on out, the path was paved with clear communication and great service to be able to do the best possible job in a team that was the perfect match.

Dries C.,
Digital Marketing Assistant at Johnson & Johnson

Travailler pour Modis me permet de travailler dans un secteur qui m’attire, l’IT et pour l’un des sociétés les plus connues au monde! C’est un secteur dynamique et innovant, et je pense que Modis se rapproche de cette vision, grâce à une équipe de support de l’ombre toujours disponible pour moi, et grâce à un Account Manager qui m’accompagne tout au long de ma mission.

Louis-Philippe C.,
Partner Account Manager at Microsoft

I really enjoyed my collaboration with Modis who did their best to find the most suitable match between my profile and career expectations, and potential employers’ requirements. The recruitment process was very professional and transparent. I appreciate the detailed and objective feedback I received following the interview. I highly recommend potential candidates to consider collaborating with Modis.

Cristian A.,
Characterization Engineer at Melexis

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