White Papers

At Modis, our executives and local managers are experts on the job market, economy, hiring trends and workplace issues. This expertise allows for us to connect you to the most important topics facing the industry and professionals like you. We will be developing valuable and relevant white papers to assist you in navigating this complex world of technology.  Download our first one below:

Download Your Free Copy of Our New White Paper:

The Future of Work by Patrick De Maeseneire

Read this white paper about the facts and figures of today's labour market and discover the 3 Trends of the Future of Work shared by our Group CEO Patrick De Maeseneire.

10 golden rules to improve your job search on social networks

When you want to find your dreamjob it's not only important to have a nice CV and a good motivation letter. Nowadays recruiters and Hiring Managers also do a background check on the internet, so make sure your online profile is as attractive as your offline CV. Read our 10 golden rules and your dreamjob will soon become reality.

10 simple tips for exceptional daily productivity

A day is for everybody 24 hours, no matter who you are or what you do. We all have the same amount of time at our disposal. That’s why how you use your time makes all the difference.

Read how Bjorn Van Reet, Managing Director of the Belgium entity of Modis loves to maximize his time and increase his personal productivity.