Career Toolbox to make the best of your connections

Managing your career is about two things; who you know and what you know. You’ve taken care of the first part by connecting with Modis, and we’ll help you take care of the second part with insightful career guides that you can use to stay ahead of the job market and ahead of your competition.

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Writing the perfect CV

There are many types of CVs out there. All that really matters is finding the most effective way to showcase your skills and expertise.

How to make your interview successful

You’ve done a lot of the hard work getting yourself in front of a potential employer. The interview is where you get the chance to really shine.

Managing your net rep

It’s estimated that over a quarter of HR professionals have rejected an applicant on the basis of what appears on the web.

How to make your phone interview successful

A phone interview is not that much different from a face to face interview. It is equally important to be prepared for it.

Developing your personal brand

LinkedIn is the leading social media website for business professionals and your LinkedIn profile is now key in building your personal brand. We’re giving you our best 10 tips on building a strong profile.