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Version 2: 12 April 2016


MODIS is the brand by which XPE Group NV in Belgium and other companies of the Adecco group elsewhere in the world perform services directed to the specific IT-related niche.

MODIS is a brand for XPE Group NV, which in turn is part of Adecco Belgium.

The basic legal info on Adecco Belgium can be found here (link naar

The basic legal info on XPE Group is

Corporate Seat

Noordkustlaan 16B , 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden

Key Activities


Recruitment & Selection


BE 0451.710.984  (RLE Brussels)


Flanders /Vlaanderen VG .1834/B

Brussels/Brussel/Bruxelles 00263-405-20121121

Wallonia /Wallonie W.RS.657

Brands / Trade Marks


Badenoch & Clark

euro engineering

XPE Customer Care

XPE Pharma & Science